Look what I made.

Four wonderful little words. This is what WoodShop is all about.
Kids beaming with pride. Creating. Letting their imagination fly up, up and away to fantastic places.
Using their hands to make—not to click, or tap or beat a score.

Trains, planes and automobiles.  
Whales, octopuses and crocodiles. Oh my.
Flowers, butterflies and polka dotted dinosaurs (polka-dotted dinosaurs do exist here).

WoodShop is building a sense of wonder. A feeling of accomplishment. And a toy that will last.
Kids aged three and up can come and build their imaginations. No hammers, nails or other weapons of mass destruction.
Our tools are fingers, brushes, paint, markers, crayons and most importantly Imagination.  

And as an added perk, these crafts will fit right in with any decor!

Kids will be shouting "look what I made" and wonder what will they make next.

WoodShop. Building a sense of wonder.

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About Cora

Like most people I stopped being an artist when I was about 7.  I loved paint, crayons, markers, play dough. Creating was my favorite part of any day. And running home to show my Mom what I made, watching her tape it to the fridge or place it on the mantle— it was like getting a standing ovation (which I firmly believe everyone should experience. Thus standing ovations are part of woodshop class).  But, the real world came hurtling into my colorful imaginary world and took over. Art took a back seat as it does to this day in the lives or our kids. My professional life brought me back to art. I worked in advertising in both London and New York. Shortly after my son was born I was fortunate enough to work with Crayola, that haven of color, creativity and inspiration. I couldn’t wait for my 6 month old to be able to hold his first crayon or paintbrush.  At that time in my professional and private life I became acutely aware that it is a tough time to be a kid in America. Playtimes are getting shorter. The pressure of succeeding is starting pre-conception (when did you apply for nursery school?). Art is consistently getting pushed aside. Academics are concerned enough to label it a creativity crisis, especially for K-6 grade.  

I thought back and I smelled the sawdust. WoodShop was missing in my life, my kid's life, and playmates' lives. WoodShop is what kids need. WoodShop is what Moms and Dads need. WoodShop is what Brooklyn needs. It’s time to bring back A Sense of Wonder and never, ever lose it again.

Classes, parties, Dads-n-me, Moms-n-me, Crazy-fun-Aunts-n-me daysGood ol’ days you will all remember.

Now enough of my rambling. We have things to make. Wonderful things to make.



OUR materials

The materials we use are both homegrown and internationally sourced.

We are proud to offer many American-made products and our search for the best-in-class toy makers brought us to Middlebury VT. Maple Landmark has produced fine wooden toys and gifts for over 35 years from the forests of the Green Mountains. Their long history of selective harvesting and careful use has led to both a sustainable supply of material and healthy forests.